The Inside Scoop

The best psych professors that I have encountered are as follows:

Professor Lee Jussim – My favorite psych professor of them all, he taught Social Psych when I had him. It is thanks to him that I became interested in perusing a PhD in Social Psych. He is very passionate, energetic and could not love the subject more if he tried. A good person and an amazing professor.

Professor Margaret Ingate (Cognition) – One of the harder psych professors I’ve had, she takes a little getting used to. If you take her, you will find years later that you really did learn something, and if you do all your work on time, you won’t do so badly either.

Professor Louis Matzel (Conditioning and Learning)– On first sight, you will most likely think of him as an intimidating hard ass, truth is he’s a really nice guy. He too loves the subject and is very good at explaining difficult concepts while at the same time keeping it interesting and entertaining.

Professor Richard Contrada (Health Psych) – Although he is a little on the timid side, if you were to take Health Psych, I would recommenced taking it with him.

Professor George Atwood (Abnormal Psychology) – I had to wait two years before I was able to take his class, but it was worth the wait. A master story-teller, Atwood subscribes to the phenomenological approach toward psychotherapy. His stories and his way of thinking will change the way you look at the world.

Professor Dan Ogilvie – Ogilvie is old, and like wine, I feel that he uses his age to his advantage. He has a “I don’t give a shit” attitude about everything, which really gives you the notion that you are getting psychology in the raw from him. He is as entertaining as he is insightful, but whatever you do, do not piss him off (mostly done by texting or falling asleep in his class).

Professor David Wilder – There aren’t many words in any human language that can do Dr. Wilder justice. He is my research adviser, so I have had the pleasure of working with him outside the classroom. In all honesty, he is one of the wisest and humblest men I know, but you’ll never really understand why people gravitate toward him until you spend twenty minutes in the same room as him.


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