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How To Become An Expert

What separates a world-class concert pianist from your aunt Jane who’s been playing for 15 years? Where is the divide between an expert oncologist who can catch lung cancer 95 % of the time, and a rookie who only averages … Continue reading

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The Video Game of Life

Whether you are an avid video gamer, a compulsive Facebooker, or none of the above, Jesse Schell’s talk on how technology will soon affect our lives is both inspiring and utterly terrifying. The easiest way to hook technology and psychology … Continue reading

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The Economy, Global Warming, and Video Games

Knock on wood, I have never been in a car accident.  Granted, I’ve only been driving for 4 years, but you’re first few years of driving are supposed to be the most dangerous. I attribute this stroke of good fortune … Continue reading

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