About Me

My name is Johnny, and I am currently conducting psychological research at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. My passion for psychology started in my early teens when I became pretty good at analyzing dreams. At the age of fifteen I picked up a copy of Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink and the rest is history; I knew then that I would become a researcher.  I have had the great fortune of being taught by some of the best psych professors Rutgers has to offer, if you are interested you can find a list of a few of my favorites here. My main goal is to shed some light on a subject that I feel is grossly misunderstood, and if I could get even one person to fall in love with psychology the way I have, I win.

I’m a pyromaniac who loves to ski. I have way too many irrational fears and far to little rational anything. My favorite saying is “c’est la vie”, and I try to tackle my life the same way I would approach eating an elephant…

I hope you enjoy by blog.


6 Responses to About Me

  1. kevin inciong says:

    how would you approach eating an elephant? just curious.

  2. kevin inciong says:

    raw and put on rice, and the elephant must still be kept alive for as long as i’m eating it. That’s the japanese way of doing it.

  3. Hanna Wilbur says:

    My friends in psychology told me of some of their professors become rather anti social after learning psychology. They turn out seeing people’s emotions as just due to chemicals in the body. There is even someone who won’t get married.
    What is your thought on this?

  4. I’ve found that my Psych professors are the most social of all my professors, but that’s because they are in the Social Psych department (no pun intended). In social psych we don’t study chemicals and neural synapses, we study what some would call the mind. Even though we know that genetics and chemicals play a large role in our behaviors, many of us have a hard time accepting that we are all just robots. There’s just more to being human than chemicals stimuli and responses.

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